Paris-Moskau à la carte

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Chard / miso butter

2020 Steinwiege Sauvignon Blanc, Schnaittmann, Württemberg

Black-feathered chicken “sous vide”
and crustacean / Lime mushroom / port wine foam

2022 Muschelkalk Chardonnay, Klumpp, Baden

Soup from Brandenburg asparagus
Peas / wild garlic oil

2020 Bourgogne Aligoté, Domaine Adélie, Burgund

Entrecôte of milk veal
Cauliflower / wild broccoli / Cheek jus

2020 Nobile di Montepulciano, Salcheto, Toskana

Raw milk cheese selection
by maître affineur Waltmann

The Senior Tawny Reserve Port, Niepoort, Porto

Vanilla panna cotta
Strawberry Rhubarb

2020 Spätlese Cuvée, Kracher, Burgenland

Price per person
6-course menu
€ 92.00

5-course menu
€ 84.00

4-course menu
€ 79.00

6-course wine arrangement
€ 66.00

5-course wine arrangement
€ 56.00

4-course wine arrangement
€ 46.00

Starters and Salads

Seasonal salad with goat cheese, radishes and rhubarb dressing

€ 16.50

Beef tartare with quail egg, Dijon mustard mayonnaise and fried capers

€ 19.80


Fish soup with anise and rouille

€ 12.50

Main courses

Saffron goat cheese raviol with wild broccoli, mushrooms and wild garlic foam

€ 27.80

Turbot and char with tomato risotto, passepierre and fennel

€ 38.80

Lamb with asparagus ragout and wild garlic polenta

€ 38.80

Duck breast with truffle pointed cabbage, apples and sweet potato puree

€ 37.80

Cheese and Desserts

Selection of raw milk Cheeses of maître affineur Volker Waltmann

€ 17.00

Lemon crème brûlée with pineapple and blueberry ice cream

€ 14.50

Wine recommendations

2022 Muschelkalk Chardonnay / Weingut Klumpp, Baden

0,75 l / € 59.00

2021 «Salconio» (Syrah/Pinot Noir/Diolnoir) AOC Valais / Weingut Alber Mathier / Schweiz

0,75 l / € 56.00

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