PARIS-MOSKAU in press and media

In its long history, the PARIS-MOSKAU restaurant is of course often represented in the media and the press. You can find out what the press is saying and what the media echo is in a few excerpts or as a video contribution.

08.04.2024 Collage zum 40-jährigem PM-Jubiläum
07.04.2024 Der Tagesspiegel - W. Ritschl im Interview
15.03.2024 Der Tagesspiegel
12.09.2021 Der Tagesspiegel
24.03.2018 PM im Creme Guides
17.08.2017 Cicero
28.04.2017 Berliner Morgenpost
13.04.2017 - Interview 30 Jahre PM
16.04.2016 PM-Artikel auf
19.07.2015 Berliner Morgenpost
20.04.2014 Der Tagesspiegel online
22.06.2013 TAZ Am Wochenende
14.01.2012 Berliner Morgenpost
06.08.2011 Berliner Morgenpost
20.06.2011 Bonner General-Anzeiger
30.03.2010 B.Z. Berliner Zeitung
30.06.2007 Berliner Morgenpost
15.04.2007 Die Welt online
19.03.2005 Berliner Morgenpost
22.08.2004 Der Tagesspiegel
08.05.2003 Die Zeit
13.07.2002 Ru.Bashka Magazin

Story of PM

Traditional since 1897 - Fine Dining since 1987

The history of PARIS-MOSKAU is historical and extremely exciting. Capital life simmers all around the historic half-timbered house. While politics is going on in the chancellery next door, there is constant activity outside in the government district. But that was not always so.

Join us on a journey through time and find out everything you need to know about the "witch's house". Browse our PM image brochure online.

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